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Child Safeguarding Certification Has Launched!

GRACE Child Safeguarding Certification helps your church, school, or other Christian organization implement child protection “best practices.” Doing more to protect children is easier said than done given the pace of ministry. GRACE Certification begins with learning about how your church ministers to youth and children. Then, a GRACE Certification Specialist walks you through a comprehensive process that includes: 

  • In person, expert training for every level of the church: Leadership, Adults, Youth, and Children
  • Establishing a Child Safeguarding Team to help implement all policy “best practices” customized to your church’s ministry
  • Providing an on site building risk assessment
  • Implementing specific steps to create a healing environment for survivors

GRACE Certification is customized, comprehensive, and realistic. But what makes GRACE Certification unique is that we work with your leadership to take the necessary steps to establish a culture where children can be protected. Informed policy and expert training are critical, but without specific steps by leaders they often make little impact. GRACE helps your leaders enact a plan to lead the congregation to engage and learn what it takes to protect children. Without strong leadership some volunteers and parents will naturally look the other way at such a difficult topic. Many will be very reluctant to speak up if something is off unless they know the leaders will support them.  GRACE Certification helps your leaders take informed steps in line with your ministry values and informed by expertise in child protection.

GRACE has a team of mental health experts, former prosecutors, and pastors who have a combined experience of over 100 years of addressing abuse related issues.  We look forward to using our experience and expertise to help you create a safer community for your children and for those who have been impacted by abuse.