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Child Safeguarding Certification is Preparing for Launch!

A few months ago, GRACE announced that we had begun to develop a child safeguarding certification program for churches and other Christian organizations.  

I am thrilled to announce that development of this program is weeks away from completion! Our team has work hard to create a process that will be comprehensive, but also very realistic for any church to achieve.  In fact, each participating church will be assigned to a GRACE facilitator who will walk them through the entire certification process that will culminate with an on-site training of leadership, staff, congregation members, and youth. 

Prior to officially launching this certification program,GRACE is planning to pilot it in a handful of churches this upcoming fall.  If you know of any churches that may want to participate in this piloting phase, please have them contact us as soon as possible.    

I am confident that this groundbreaking initiative will transform our Christian institutions into communities that lead the world in preventing and responding to the abuse of children with excellence.