Response Assistance

Developing Effective Child Abuse Prevention and Safety Programs, Through Education and Awareness

Many churches and Christian organizations have neither the time nor resources to research matters of child safety or properly educate and train their personnel. It’s a tall order that requires expertise, communication skills, and sensitivity, but that’s where GRACE can help. Our Prevention Training consolidates a thorough child abuse education and prevention course into a two-day seminar. Your ministry staff will not only leave with a more comprehensive understanding of child abuse, they will be empowered with the tools to identify, prevent, and respond to abuse.

Our Prevention Training has been created under the guidance of GRACE team member Victor Vieth, director of both the National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse and the National Child Protection Training Center, who has trained child safety professionals in 50 states and 17 countries.


Assisting Churches and Ministries in the Wake of Child Abuse Allegations

If your church or ministry organization is facing allegations of child abuse, GRACE can help. The personal impact of child abuse on individuals and families is devastating, and even well-meaning churches and ministry organizations can stumble in the wake of abuse disclosures if compassionate and appropriate response policies are not in place. A variety of scenarios can increase the conflict potential, for example: What if the alleged perpetrator is a trusted member of the staff? What if the abuse happened decades ago and staff members are accused of not properly reporting the abuse to law enforcement authorities? Most importantly, what kind of response offers compassion to the victim(s)?

Our team includes theologians, psychologists, legal professionals, clergy, and even a public relations specialist.  We have the experience and skills to assist you in outlining important next steps and developing a comprehensive action plan that honors justice, victim protection, and ministry integrity.

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NOTE: If the abuse disclosures fall outside the jurisdiction of local law enforcement agencies because of statutes of limitations, foreign soil issues, or other limitations of the law, an independent GRACE Investigation may be recommended.

Independent Investigations

Conducting Independent, Thorough and Objective Abuse-Related Investigations

In the wake of abuse disclosures, ministries often struggle to put together the pieces of what went wrong. If a thorough investigation by law enforcement isn’t legally possible, it can be difficult to ascertain facts and determine next steps, which makes an objective, independent third-party investigation crucial for regaining trust with victims and within the faith community. GRACE’s team has extensive professional experience interviewing victims of abuse, perpetrators of abuse, and witnesses with relevant testimony. Our desire is to get to the truth of the matter, so that compassion and assistance can be demonstrated to those who have been hurt and changes can happen on  an organizational level. 

GRACE’s investigative arm includes multiple former child abuse prosecutors as well as psychologists with expertise in abuse and trauma, and each investigation will get a hand-picked team for maximum relevancy and effectiveness. What’s more, we round out each investigative team with one or more theologians and clergy members who have made trauma and abuse a specific area of study.

As more abuse scandals come to light in communities of faith, more investigative teams pop up. We believe that GRACE offers a uniquely comprehensive and superior approach to this important task.

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