Independent Third Party Investigations - A Summary Proposal

GRACE - Third Party Investigation ProposalDuring the past months, we at GRACE have learned that many missionary institutions within the Christian community are struggling with how to respond to child abuse disclosures on the mission field. On one hand, there are those who believe that such disclosures should be investigated and handled internally by the institution. The obvious problem with that approach is the inherent conflict of interest that exists in a ministry investigating its own wrongs. On the other hand, there are others who advocate the joining of a network of mission organizations who work together to assign network members to investigate abuse disclosures made within member organizations. The 'not so obvious' problem with this approach is again the inherent conflict of interest of mission agencies "policing" themselves. The disturbing common thread running through both of these approaches is that the ultimate object of concern and protection is too often the mission agency, not the victim of abuse. During the past weeks, GRACE has developed a summary proposal to create and facilitate independant third party investigations of alleged abuse within mission agencies. The heart of this proposal is a process free from outside influences, and the natural (and sinful) desire of self protection at the expense of abuse survivors. It is our prayer that this proposal can begin a substantive dialogue within and amongst mission organizations to restructure the manner and spirit in which abuse disclosures are addressed.

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