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There are many ways that GRACE can assist your organization or institution. Our expert team includes theologians, psychologists, legal professionals, and clergy. We have the experience and skills to provide institutional assessments in relation to safeguarding issues and provide solutions that honors justice, victim protection, and ministry integrity.

Assessments vs. Investigations

An assessment is by nature proactive or may be in response to a cultural issue an organization may discover. For example, if your organization has been notified that women do not feel comfortable in the culture and environment of your organization, an assessment would be helpful for your organization. Our process, once invited by your institution’s leadership, will typically include conducting a survey to gain a pulse of your organizational culture, interview pertinent individuals with personal experiences or information, gather data to assess the culture, pinpoint any specific areas of organizational growth, and present the organization with findings and recommendations to enhance organizational culture to better meet the needs of those under your care.

This is in contrast to an Independent Investigation, which is usually in response to ongoing allegations.  

Test all things.
Hold fast what is good.

—1 Thessalonians 5:21


Please Note:

Assessments and Investigations are conducted based upon GRACE-approved
safeguarding best practice standards and do not replace law enforcement.


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