Empowering Christian communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse.  

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Dedicated to Change.

We exist to equip the Church with a vision for authentic community, where responsibility, accountability, and compassion are second nature and caring for children and adult survivors of abuse is non-negotiable. 

We believe with proper education and training every church and faith organization can effectively navigate its responsibility to appropriately care for those who have been impacted by abuse.

One of the ways we prepare faith communities is through our Safeguarding Certification Initiative. Click the button below to learn more.


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How much is a child worth?

How we value children and other vulnerable members of our community says a lot about our faith. Learn how prevalent abuse within the Church is, and what you can do to respond to this urgent crisis.

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Programs & Expertise


With a combined experience of over 100 years of addressing abuse-related issues, GRACE has accumulated and organized a wealth of resources from mental health experts, former prosecutors, and theologians to give you and your organization a well-rounded, robust, and deep understanding of abuse and how to prevent it. We all can make a difference by learning about abuse, become equipped on how to recognize it, and committing to responding appropriately. Browse the categories below to learn more. 




GRACE collaborates with organizations by developing abuse prevention strategies and appropriate response protocols through individualized, customizable training and certification. 
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GRACE has developed seminary curriculum to educate future ministry leaders on abuse and victimization. For more information, please email info@netgrace.org.


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GRACE's team of experts—from therapists, theologians, and former prosecutors—can conduct a thorough and objective investigation of abuse allegations at an organization's request.
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GRACE provides expert advice to organizations which either suspect abuse is occurring or experience its tragic aftermath. 
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GRACE assists individuals and organizations by providing educational materials—such as articles, videos, and more—so that everyone can be educated on what a safe environment looks like. 
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GRACE is the leading evangelical organization specializing in awareness, education, and investigations of sexual abuse handling by religious organizations. I highly, highly recommend them.
— Rachael Denhollander
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